Cologne food exposition (ANUGA)

Issuing time:2018-08-17 16:40


Cologne food exposition (ANUGA) is one of the world's largest food and beverage trade show, has been one of the most important trade fair of Germany international food and beverage industry during half of the century.

The exhibition attracted from all over the world every annual food and beverage manufacturers and trade professionals, establish customers’ cooperation in the food industry. and exchange the show layout (10 professional pavilion to distinguish clearly, allowing visitors to have a purpose and choice to visit), the distribution of relevant products is arranged, which also reduces a lot of inconvenience for visitors. That is why senior policymakers in the world's food industry are gathering to build or strengthen business ties. During the exhibition, the organizing committee also convened a number of seminars to discuss the development prospects of the food processing industry.

In recent years, China's food quickly spread in Europe, China's food exports from limited only to the Chinese market, to enter the mainstream of the huge diet to Europe market, constantly into the large supermarkets, convenience stores and retail stores, get the favor of many food suppliers. Fortune food grab this chance and achieved lots of useful marketing information in only 5 days period, establishing communication with more than 100 european customers, also have reached cooperation with many customers from German, France, Netherlands, ect.

What’s more, Fortune food will set an example for Chinese seasoning manufacturing in the world, also leading more localcondiments interprises into the international stage, becoming the Protagonist of the Global condiments industry.