Fushi soy sauce has become a guarantee sauce for Olympic athletes

Issuing time:2018-07-03 11:41


Sina sports news in May 23rd, the State Sports Administration Bureau held a joint conference with Fu's food (China) Co., Ltd., announcing that the series of soy sauce made by Fu's food (China) Co., Ltd. became the designated product of the National Sports Bureau Training Bureau, providing the best quality condiment for the sports health children of our country. Mr. Yan Shiduo, director of the Training Bureau of the State General Administration of sports, Mr. Lin Qi, executive president of Fu's food (China) Co., Ltd., Olympic champion Zhang Xiangxiang and Li Ting, attended the event of the day's conference together.

At present, China's athletes have entered the stage of preparing for the 2012 London Olympic Games. The quality and safety of diet are closely related to the Olympic record. As the sole designated product of the rich flag under the flag of the soy sauce, because of its "gold quality", from many products from the crowd, won the trust of the National Sports Administration Bureau of the State Sports Administration, to become the "champion choice". At the press conference, Fu gave the chef, nutritionist and two Olympic champion to the State Sports General Administration Training Bureau. The leaders of the Training Bureau personally awarded the honorary certificate of the cooperation partner of the State Sports General Administration of the State Sports Administration of Fu's company, and invited two Olympic champions to issue the certificate of authorization for the athletes of the State Sports Administration Bureau of the State Sports Administration.

In order to create the core concept of the enterprise, Fu's group, by virtue of the enterprise standards that do not meet the standard products, and the guarantee system of full, full and full quality control of the product, has created the standard for the first class and safety of the high salt soy sauce in China. On the basis of Japanese soy sauce, the technology of preparing low temperature agging soy sauce has been created on the basis of Japanese soy sauce. It has eight unique brewing processes through strict selection, impregnation and slag removal, strain distribution, constant temperature making, low temperature fermentation, high temperature sterilization, fine filtration, and aseptic canning to ensure the quality and quality of the fresh carbazole sauce. . Its quality and nutrition safety dares to rival any soy sauce company in the world.

Through the joint efforts of the State Sports General Administration Training Bureau and Fu Shi company, the nutrition and safety of Chinese athletes will be further protected. Mr. Lin Qi, executive director of Fu Shi foods (China) Limited, said: "it is a great honor to be a partner with the State Sports General Administration Training Bureau. In the future, Fu's fresh soy sauce will provide a solid logistical guarantee for China's sports industry, and sincerely hope that Chinese athletes will achieve good results again! " (Charlotte)